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On香港楼凤兼职论坛e chapter holds the post of thirtieth merman flesh

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2261 words, update at: 2014-10-09 20:53

The cheek that horizon appeared to compare fat baby in the west is even red even delicate pink. Of the sun all round the reddest, red attractive in that way. Red is spreading to 4, spread half sky, one chases scumble to go down than, until became hoar. Float move is downy in the sky, transparent, crystal, wet air.

“Woke. ” the man says to be kissed namely to the woman forehead in bosom.

“Hum. ” the wild woman that thinks of yesterday evening not by red blush.

Rise outside seeing a window, a remains still is 3 years ago there is pungent odour in air, do not have subterranean ghost town completely nowadays in those days appearance, cartel transforms enterprise of 3 years ago Guo and Yin subterranean ghost town, the subterranean ghost town nowadays is even more beautiful than ethereal king city on a few minutes.

“What thinking? ” Yin Hao justice holds her in arms from annulus of backside of Guo dawn month, put chin on her shoulder.

“I am thinking, if the elder brother 3 years ago did not find glad elder sister, this land can become what kind of, can we become what kind of? ” by Yin the neck that the steam that grand justice expiration comes to does is crawly, guo Xiao Yue is not own move shoulder.

“Do not consider those bygone condition, what you want now is. Fast. Dot. To. I. Unripe. One. . Treasure. Treasure. ” Yin Hao justice one word speak out, say to still do not forget to kiss the shoulder of carve Guo Xiao Yue, the hand returns disingenuous to be being felt on the body.

“Let go, what still did yesterday is insufficient still! What still did yesterday is insufficient still!!

“Be insufficient! “Be insufficient!!

“I ability no matter, I should look for glad elder sister, alas, put me, yin Hao justice you. . . Your caution essence uses up a person to die. Hm ~ ” the word has not said Guo Xiao Yue by Yin grand justice presses the bed that be in to go up.

“What did you just say? Say again. ” Yin Hao justice sucks allow to wear the lip of Guo Xiao Yue, the tongue is being teased on lip of Guo dawn month.

Oneself hold the post of a person as the cruelly oppress on chopping board narrow cut, guo Xiao Yue abandoned struggling a You Yinhao justice indulge in wilful persecution.

If did not happen at the outset,in that way is, imagine they will be so close now very hard.

The Likexin 4 years ago disappears suddenly in subterranean ghost town, say to disappear in subterranean ghost town two is plant likelihood, temporarily city of infiltrate sky king, 2 it is to be overcome the environment of subterranean ghost town is in a certain corner is gone mix together with rubbish.

When Li Kexin disappears, guo Ziyang looked for subterranean ghost town and ethereal king city to all over what do not have Likexin message, everybody must think Likexin dies in that corner. When Guo Ziyang begins to accept this fact, more than Shan Xing general is encountered in game the fire of last bits of hope in his heart is ignited, he is OK very hole decides saying Yu Shan star is Likexin, although have on appearance very big alter, but the person that loves to oneself, an eyes can let you only need to do oneself recognize.

The game in intermediary heat starts gut suddenly to let a person can’t help heart doubt, this gut does not have a head how to had not begun players of end to be kicked to give game again, this lets him more have doubt, he has main control computer beforehand set won’t appear very much such careless mistake, unless the computer of his setting is not computer of the control central.

Make fun of when the go on a journey that be retreated so when, he went for a short while in the center of computer room, centrally computer room searched several rounds to want him what abandon originally, borrowing a to glance found an extremely fine electrical wiring eventually, as electrical wiring he finds actually very covert penetralia.

Stand before penetralia, guo Ziyang has a kind of ineffable excitement, push oneself did not let disappointed as expected after opening the door, he thinks of the person that love to lying silently in game storehouse day and night.

He some blame oneself to just discover this one place now unexpectedly, otherwise he can some earlier discover her.

After finding Likexin, guo Ziyang just discovers the game storehouse of Guo Xiao Yue connects a line is the lead plane with Likexin is linked together directly, likexin was not exited from inside game nowadays, and he does not have method to enter game from other sport[……]

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Dr湾仔楼凤兼职eam of the 5th chapter

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2234 words, update at: 2014-07-23 22:50

Big mist drops off, of pleasant to see is a grand audience hall, before audience hall concentrated hundreds of people. Audience hall is left have a suspension bridge, but cannot see where two end lead to however.

Body of start of Guo dawn month comes, all person wears ancient costume here, sending out on the body the spirit that all sorts of different layers spend is angry.

Everybody’s look is staring at suspension bridge direction, guo Xiao Yueshun is worn view the past, there are two people to be in above suspension bridge tussle, among them a clever gas already passed monarch cereal.

The dream of star how so strange, where should I go to so much person looking for her?

Guo Xiao Yue pays no attention to the tussle above suspension bridge, she wants to find Yu Shan heavenly body only now, take her to leave this dream.

“Look quickly! Chengdu coagulates division elder sister grabs a brand! ” just fell, the flower left with respect to scamper in the crowd, commenting this person that calls Chengdu to coagulate takes a sign in succession, become nominative disciple.

“Below one, ling Xi! ” on audience hall one senior fellow apprentice, look at the reel in the hand, the newspaper gives the person name that leaves to have a competition.

Ling Xi, bright? This name seems to had listened which.

Of kink of Guo dawn month seeking this one term in memory had been heard which.

On the bleachers before audience hall, red garment man looked child signing up to call Ling Xi a few times name, but she syares blankly where however can’t help angry, wrote down palm wind to serve suspension bridge Guo Xiao Yue.

Below the base of Guo dawn moon that does not have reaction to come over temporarily flabby from fell above suspension bridge, fortunately nevertheless that person above suspension bridge pulled her, make her unapt from fell above suspension bridge.

But the everybody below the stage is burst out laughing by what this one act of Guo Xiao Yue does.

“Long for so poor still want to become external door disciple unexpectedly. “Long for so poor still want to become external door disciple unexpectedly..

“I look or come down before it is too late! Do not delay the person from the back. Do not delay the person from the back..

“Such if can pass, I keep my name to this! I keep my name to this!!

“I dare bet, the can regular meeting such as her is frightened so that cry. The can regular meeting such as her is frightened so that cry..

The stage issues the comment of everybody, it is fly buzz to Guo Xiao Yue, she is drawing out ear to look with the pinkie to bleachers.

Just writing down palm wind then is from what send above bleachers, face about looks to bleachers, make her foolish however eye.

The man of red garment of that a suit is not the road flies upwards, the silk thread embroider that yellow uses on gules aba is worn luxuriant abrupt, and beside the bright contrast that the man of commoners of a suit blue forms.

When she remembers seeing the road flies upwards for the first time, he calls himself also is bright, the road flies upwards the look that sees oneself is very ripe clearly, here is the dream of star, not be the road flies upwards the dream that followed oneself to take tiny spot together, it is oneself true mixing which bright grow very to resemble.

“What are you seeing, fly upwards senior fellow apprentice is you can stare at those who look that kind! ” the grand month senior fellow apprentice compared with iciness, fly upwards senior fellow apprentice can be the person that everybody adores most in memory, this girl comes up to fly upwards with respect to random accost senior fellow apprentice, it is court death simply.

“Ah! ” Guo Xiao Yue forgot her to be belonged to now have a competition in the center, just did not care about all the time, the voice instead that appears suddenly frightened her jump greatly.

“Be blamed! ” the reaction of Guo Xiao Yue irritated completely white fair-skinneding snow, see her fierce start only, take out 5 meters long whip from inside sleeve, in the dance in sky very luxuriant.

A fierce next attacking, do several jobs in the same time is hit like Guo Xiao Yue. Guo Xiaoyue sheers the attack of white fair-skinneding snow quickly, so old with funeral cadaver be at war also is not to be hit in vain.

Guo Xiao Yue is felt chronically to the waist, want to take out her violet report, the hand was felt a long[……]

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F湾仔楼凤兼职iftieth one chapter is her!

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2273 words, update at: 2014-06-18 23:00

“, feature of experimental system life has disappeared, cadaver wanting funeral was changed. ” at this moment, defend a on experimental bedside male say all the time.

An eyes small narrow one’s eyes, sere finger was extended come out, grow again pointed fingernail delimits gently, the poll of little girl boils was in on the ground. The children in basket shrink immediately was in one case, that terrified diminutive head that looks at the ground to go up.

“Come to again, I have premonition, can appear tonight a success arouses different can. ” one licks a lip.

In the Shan Xing that looked a long time in wistaria a small room, immediately call gives the rainstorm injection inside body, want to help this group of children, wanted to move necessarily.

“Bad, small 5 by person stun. ” at this moment, entry point transmits cry.

The complexion of a few people inside the lab changes, a black cloak that takes the hat immediately is worn was in on the body, someone else is fast old cloth obscures the iron of the corner basket. Everybody is right after looking, developed basement together together.

Did not think of the day aids me also, exposed his body, now is to consider how to take away these children.

“Master, I can let them be asleep. ” the proposal that Bai Lin offerred a cogency.

This is pretty good, wanted them to be asleep only, that can transfer wistaria Xuan Li.

After one gave basement, those who discover beefeater is small faint of 51 faces grimace is in the ground: “The circumstance is not quite right, in politics, xiang Hong you go out to look have what person, see 2 buildings and three-pair incidentally those two fellow bring disturbed cent, my farewell basement looks. My farewell basement looks..

Yu Shan star did not think of a meeting comes a back thrust, just took these a few child move that are gotten to be asleep by Bai Lin the wistaria to high, bump with wearing.

“Who are you? ” the iron that watched a corner basket, the child disappears unexpectedly, tibet changed immediately in the frozen face below black cloak color, if oneself take these children to become thing advocate of the experiment go out, this but disastrous: “Your whacker courage. “Your whacker courage..

Show the retrogression with fast star, maintained a safe distance with.

The rate of a skill is very rapid, a moldy green liquid still can be shot in fingernail even, the place that is splashed by the liquid was corroded to give a black hole immediately. Complexion showing a bit changes, if be splashed to be on the body by this liquid, is that returned?

Shan Xing gets together very quickly neat a bolide, let Bai Lin circle a back to give him a bang stealthily, when the claw when Bai Lin should come up against, unexpectedly very short time disappears in place.

“Host is careful, this is dimensional move. This is dimensional move..

The bolide that Shan Xingli engraves face about to will gathered was lost go out, in the meantime, one appears in what show a bit before, the needle points to tear down the black cloth on face showing a bit, a piece of peerlessly beautiful little face was shown.

Eye of a pop looks at Yu Shan star, what be stupefied in is flashy, shan Xing backs down quickly and uncle Lin station was in one case.

“You… you are… . ” a grave and hoarse voice appears a little asp.

Does this person know me? This is the first reaction of Shan Xing. Listen outside hurried footstep, shan Xing took out a black cloth very quickly to obscure afresh face, pondering to leave the way here the most quickly.

“. ” Jiang Zhongzheng immediately different of gravity of put to good use can, the target points to Yu Shan star continuously.

“Stop, let her go. ” one is prevented hastily.

“? ” Jiang Zhongzheng is looking at him singularly.

“I said, let her go. ” an extremely angry goggle at Jiang Zhongzheng.

Jiangzhong politics gnash one’s teeth: “In case, of the thing advocate here go out… . Of the thing advocate here go out… ..

“I am responsible. ” the eye that is obscured by wide the brim of a hat is looking at the person on continuously continuously, a pair of sere hands cannot help trembling slightly, only he himself knows, this is excited.

Face of Jiangzhong politics bypass, get out of the way passageway.

Yu Shan star is a little strange reaction, but must want to leave here now, otherwise the wistaria[……]

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Breakthrough of the 25th chapter is b香港铜锣湾楼凤兼职uilt base

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2205 words, update at: 2014-06-03 06:00

Transient when a deserted gas station, yu Shan star also cannot hold back the true energy of life of change of system internal disorder again, announce to keep one night in this gas station.

The lock of small gate selling a store of gas station, fourth modest boat exerts oneself to do sth. break open lock, everybody was entered together small sell a store. Affirmatory small sell after there is a person in the shop, seeking authority is the mankind is stationed in a dot or follow first alone oneself are one case, affirmatory everybody plans to go together after the mankind is stationed in a dot, yu Shan star took in everybody space.

Yu Shan star bears the passages through which vital energy circulates that wallop of true energy of life brings inside body hard to feel sorely, bai Lin suggests Shan Xing goes clever spring, gave Yu Shan the bit the fruit of a tree of life: “Master, you should be entered possibly rank build base period, host did not stay before build base red, host can rush forcedly only. The fructification spirit gas of the tree of this life is very abundant, lucky word, master perhaps can with one action is entered build base period. The clever energy of life with clever embedded spring is very rich also, host wants to cheer. Host wants to cheer..

Knead small head of Bai Lin, yu Shan star is bearing ache, lost everything Wei Liang, oneself went to clever spring point, want breakthrough of with one action to build base period.

Take the advantage of this time, the fire that fourth modest boat also begins to repair the Shan Xing since refine to give him fastens law part, guo Xiao Yue is buried in refine directly implement room, defend what Liang Zemo chats to begin to ponder how to promote his rate.

Su Rexuan sits in lotus pool edge alone, beside ordinal bending over Bai Lin, small mastiff and Yuanxiao.

“If high. ” orchid aunt sits cautiously beside what be like a small room, calling out his name gently.

Su Rexuan is stupefied continuously the before looking at have sth in mind lotus that be stupefied, expressionless does not know the extent what thinking.

“I am sorry! “I am sorry!!

Su Rexuan small narrow one’s eyes eyes, exceed the say of the age: “Why should orchid aunt say to me ‘ I am sorry ‘ ? Orchid aunt is very good to me, did not I am sorry I. Did not I am sorry I..

Orchid aunt holds in arms Su Rexuan’s small body, those who choke with sobs shake shake one’s head: “Young lady Jiang Rexuan gives I am attended, it is if,I was not valued Xuan, it is my fault! If high,I am sorry! Orchid aunt Is am sorry you! Orchid aunt Is am sorry you!!

“But, the person that kills a little sister is not orchid aunt. The little sister is too piquant, always run in disorder everywhere, so ability can be caught by an eccentric person. Is orchid aunt to had been a little sister to revenge? I saw, are little sister and mother father together now? What astral sister says is right, this world is too horrible, the little sister is so piquant what won’t, such it may not be a bad idea! Such it may not be a bad idea!!

“If high, the little sister although be dead, but, if a small room wants to be a little sister well living, if,orchid aunt can be protected with life a small room and young lady, if a small room is very good and very good,be opposite! If a small room is very good and very good,be opposite!!

Su Rexuan pushs orchid aunt gently, be stupefied be stupefied the face that hoping she is full is tear stains, kiss of small not use too much force slips too the teardrop below: “Orchid aunt, you is this to want to compensate me? If, orchid aunt wants to compensate me, so, if a small room was brought up,wait, orchid aunt is married! ” saying raise the little face like sunshine.

Orchid aunt attacks Chi laughs, nod Su Rexuan’s forehead: “Be good! If a small room was brought up,wait, orchid aunt marries you. Orchid aunt marries you..

Su Rexuan is low head, the facial instant that still a moment ago laughing became cold come down: “Orchid aunt can not cheat me, if orchid aunt cheated me, I can kill orchid one’s mother’s sister with one’s own hands. I can kill orchid one’s mother’s sister with one’s own hands..

Orchid aunt is stupefied, pursy eyebrow, was what to think of it seems that, but not be very affirmatory. Have the body that is like a small room, touch his the top of head gently: “If high, not be so atrocious person, if a small room is good child, won’t kill orchid one’s mother’s sister. ” the answer that if a small room is clear,did not give, because,just be, she thinks[……]

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